L.E.D. Fibre Optic Lightsources

As technology progresses & energy costs rise, the updating of existing Fibre Optic installations is a priority. Many Fibre Optic lighting installations have been neglected, where Tungsten Halogen or Metal Halide (HQI) lamp replacement and routine maintenance has been overlooked for many years.

Older Fibre Optic Lightsources, some dating back over 25 years, will fail over time and their availability isn’t guaranteed by most Lightsource manufacturers.

On the plus side, Fibre Optic Harnesses however, which are the most expensive element of a Fibre Optic installation, do not degrade over time as they are manufactured from high quality materials & glass strands which do not need replacing unless damaged.

The Lighting Services Partnership can offer a service where we can supply & replace your old and faulty Lightsources, with the latest technological advances in L.E.D. design, which are manufactured to the highest standards here in the United Kingdom.

L.E.D. Lightsources with onboard 0-10v, DMX user addressable
dimming (0-255) & DALI are available.

Mercury Lightsource

Museum & Art Gallery Lighting


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Slimline Mercury Lightsource


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Luna Lightsource

Effect Lighting


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Vega Lightsource



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For further information regarding the supply or upgrade of Fibre Optic installations, please contact us and we will be delighted to advise you further.