New Feelings Flame

The Lighting Services Partnership Ltd can supply the “NEW” Feeling’s Flame LED decorative electronic candles which mimic the appearance of a real lit candle.

It is designed to produce a moving flame effect, but without the heat, soot and molten wax produced by real candles.

They have a “flame” profile with a constant light output and colour temperature of

~2500k (LED version).

The lamp is on a weighted stem which has a pivot point near its base. Electronic circuitry within the lamp base causes the lamp to move periodically, producing a rocking motion which emulates a moving candle flame caught by a draft. Each pulse activates every 20-30 seconds and is silent in operation.

Candle Covers are available, plain or with drips and slide over most standard lampholders with a maximum overall Ø23.4mm. They can also be cut to the desired length with a craft knife.


New Electronic Body LED – 100v/230v 50Hz E14 (SES)

New Light Top LED – 100v/230v 0.3w LED Diode with ~20,000 hour life.

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  Light Top (Tungsten or LED) Starter Pack
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